Posted on 7 Jun By Visionarism

RAUS by Danielle Faith Ross.


Encompassing personal liberty, the state of not being imprisoned, enslaved or confirmed to one particular state of mind.

Richly structured with a bespoke handcrafted quality, the palette is saturated in burgundy, light grey and navy. The tones are patterned with traditional grey prince of wales check and navy pinstripe setting the tailored feel for the summer.

The look is masculine and powerful, centers on blazers and re-working tailored looks. Casual wear is challenging the stereotypical role of traditional tailored fabrics into a more casual setting.

In her debut collection, Danielle explores the psychology of society, asking the question of what really controls us and having courage to think for yourself and challenge ideas.

The room was lit red, the models all facing the wall. Then when everyone was hushed into this small space, the projector lit, showing a cool lifestyle video, introducing the brand and how best to wear each item.

When the video ended, there was a silence, before the models each turned round to face the room, each piece beautifully excicuted and put together with ease.

Danielle has applied her trade since graduating, working closely with a master bespoke tailor who has over 40 years experience in the trade. As well as collaborating privately with a number of clients she has also accumulated interest working alongside “A-Cold Wall”, hand-crafting the key tailored pieces seen in Vogue, Hypebeast & Vice.

A great collection from new designer Danielle.



Images by  @Rodshir_daile – @Rodshirdailestudio