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Editorial by Ste Wing | Rodshir Dailë.


Our creative Director Ste Wing has teamed up with good friend and fellow creative Rodshir Dailë on this editorial named –

‘ When seasons change ‘

Rodshir Dailë is an American-born Designer and Photographer based in Europe. He has held a number of roles within the visual arts and fashion industry. Including Fashion Editorial Producer roles for GQ Romania, FLAUNT Magazine and various others. In addition, his work has been published by publications such as VOGUE Italia, GQ Mexico, Self-Control and many others. Rodshir was introduced to black and white film photography at the young age of 10. That was the starting point of what is now, his signature aesthetic, which he named “Dramatic Monochromatism”. He then founded Rodshir Dailë Studio®, a conceptual modern design studio and art direction agency.

The editorial below shows the perfect balance between Rodshir’s creativity, and the vision behind Visionarism.

Stylist: Ste Wing / @Ste_Wing

Photographer: Rodshir Dailë/ @Rodshir_Daile + @RodshirDaileStudio

Model: Piper Grace/ @PiperGraceb

Agency: Boss Models / Vision Management

Model Agent: Shemornay ,

Ymc: @ymclondon
Wood Wood: @w00dw00d
Waven: @wavenstudio
Le kilt: @lekilt
Studio Nicholson: @studionicholson
Maison kitsune: @kitsune
Filling pieces: @fillingpieces
Aceandtate: @aceandtate

Special thank you to @Sane_Pr .