Posted on 10 Jul By Visionarism

#CommunityCreates – W/ Visionarism & Puma

After the pandemic struck, the creative community went through a tough period. At a time when the world seemed to have been put on ‘pause’, it felt necessary to innovate in our ways of working and to think outside the box.

As an independent agency, we always try to lead by example, and it was important to us to continue shining the light on the talents of our community to celebrate ‘collaboration’, even if circumstances have been keeping us apart.

Together with our long-term partner Puma, as part of the #CommunityCreates program, we came up with a concept and put together a team of 10-creators, all from different backgrounds, to take part in an experimental project. Most of them didn’t know each other, and they were given the opportunity to let their creative voice be heard, with only 1-day each to do what they do best. With the restrictions in place due to COVID-19, everyone stayed in their own home, without physical contact with anyone from the team. The aim was to create an impactful visual asset that tells the story of how we can truly grow stronger together as a team, with communication and trust.

After 10-days, with each member adding their own touch, one after the other, scroll down to get a sneak peak at the creative process we went through, and head over the Visionarisms IG to see the result in our last post…


Team members:

Creative Direction: @t.mcfly / @ste_wing

Project manager: @jojovandalkidd

Photographer: @rclc_photography

Creative retoucher: @james.deary 

Illustrator: @d.okuart

Music producer: @seponemusic 

Videographer: @notblackbutbrown 

Animator/Artist: @coffeelukewarm 

Creative copywriter: @courtneyhayles