Posted on 9 Feb By Visionarism

“The Far Side Of The Moon” Pack.

A new collaborative project between Size? and Asics Tiger is about to see the light, exploring the unknown, and taking inspiration from the infamous Luna 3 space mission.

The Far Side of the Moon has always been a mystery due to the way it orbits Earth, with 41% of its surface unseen. Before the 1960’s, limited technology meant the world was left wondering just what was out there in the cold, dark depths of space. The race was in full flow, with the USSR and USA fiercely battling it out to beat each other on the voyage of discovery.

October 4th 1959 saw the first ever historic photographs of the far side of the moon beamed back to earth, giving us an insight into never been seen views and the moon’s mysterious mountainous surface.

The new GEL-Lyte V and GEL-Lyte III from size? and ASICS Tiger pay homage to this event. The olive and black tones and use of ‘hairy suede’ take influence from the suits worn by the Soviet astronauts during their mission, a subtle nod to the phenomenon of space exploration through the use of texture and form. Both models feature castlerock and clay accents, conveying the orbiting moon and the colour hue’s of this enigmatic event. The pack is set to release online and in-store on 10th February.



Source: SanePR.