Posted on 8 Jan By Visionarism

LFWM AW19 Recap.

Yesterday saw the climax of this January’s offering of menswear and gave us an insight into what’s to be expected in the cooler months of this new year.

For the first time, London’s festival of fashion leaves its home in the bustling center of the capital and branches out into the city’s trendy quarters where everyday is a runway.

The walkways were blessed by the usual design titans with the likes of Barbour, Belstaff, and Oliver Spencer showcasing their wears, and established streetwear designers like Cottweiler and Astrid Andersen, holding their own, solidifying their names within the culture.

After his Emerging Talent Award at last years Fashion Awards, and the success of his recent Nike collaboration, Samuel Ross generated a huge buzz with A-Cold-Wall, with rising stars,  such as Bianca Saunders and Saul Nash, displaying inspirational stories of hard work and attention to detail.  Bianca Saunders is definitely our one-to-watch in 2019. Wood Wood was on usual form, and stood out for us, showing a street facing collection reminiscent of the great outdoors.        

There were more than accents of nostalgia in the air as brands like Iceberg brought us back to our childhoods, and Pikachu caressed the catwalk for Bobby Abley’s Pokemon inspired collection, and everybody caught all the feels.

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All images by Ray Brown (@notblackbutbrown), for @Visionarism.