Posted on 25 Jun By Visionarism

Ninety Four Label : Interview.

The Ninetyfour label exists through the contrasting relationship of it’s founders, Geronimo Tuhumena and Kin Ho Cheung. Style, and most importantly friendship, have united their different cultures and visions. Not surprising when you consider that the two met at the age of 4 and have been friends since. Co-founder Geronimo spoke with Visionarism to go in depth about the brand’s origins and future.


Who is Ninetyfour?

Ninetyfour is a clothing brand established in Leerdam in the Netherlands. The creators of Ninetyfour, myself Geronimo Tuhumena, and Kin Ho Cheung, have been best friends since 1994. We were 4 years old at the time.

How old is Ninetyfour?

Ninetyfour was founded in 2013.

If you could, describe Ninetyfour with 3 words?

Trust. Loyal. Minimalistic.

How do you find social media affects the process of a fashion brand?

Social networking affects our brand in many ways. We post new products every day on Instagram and Facebook. It is also a network for young people who are sharing their interest in Ninetyfour.

Who is the Ninetyfour customer?

The NTF customer is young to old. It’s everybody that loves minimalistic and clean clothing. We are a lifestyle, and we connect people. When customers see somebody else with ninetyfour they feel connected and even start talking with each other.

What is the most challenging part of the Ninetyfour process?

We came from nothing and we are trying to push each other to the limit all the time. We also quit school and our jobs to have a successful brand. We learn new things every day because we didn’t do a fashion school! So everyday is a new challenge and experience is how we learn more about fashion.

What is the vision behind Ninetyfour?

We are trying to inspire people worldwide. And have exclusive worldwide retailers that can carry the brand.

Where do you see Ninetyfour in the next 5 years?

We hope that our Ninetyfour items will be available in retail stores worldwide.

Who would your dream collab be with?

With supreme! The Supreme hype is real. They got nice collabs with many brands and they are all exclusive!

Who or what are your influences?

One name! Pharrell Williams!! He is the most stylish person with so many different styles! From streetwear to casual he is the one! Our influence since day one.