Posted on 16 Oct By Visionarism

Nike Mag 2016 London draw.

In 1989, the second episode of Back To the Future came out and presented the Nike Mag to the world. Worn by the Marty McFly, role played by actor Michael J. Fox, the shoes became the most iconic piece of footwear in history, with its futuristic self-lacing technology.

Back in 2011, Nike released a version of the Mag that didn’t have the auto-lace feature, which sold for crazy amounts of money online via auctions. All proceeds went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which helps the fight against Parkinson’s disease. Last year, Michael J. Fox and Nike announced the release of the much-anticipated self-lacing version of the Nike Mag. The time finally arrived and the world now has the opportunity to donate to the MJFF and enter the draw for a chance to win a pair of Nike Mag, which is limited to just over 80 pairs worldwide.

Visionarism visited the London Mag installation in NikeTown to make a donation and admire almost all sneaker collectors’ holy grail. If you’re in the city, make sure you head there, as today is the last day to enter the raffle. Remember that this is also an occasion to help a great cause. Scroll down to check out the full photo gallery.


All images by @Visionarism.