Posted on 18 Sep By Visionarism

Clothsurgeon. “A Peaceful Exploration Collection”.

London based designer Clothsurgeon, presents “A Peaceful Exploration Collection”, an ironic take on the ever so iconic Souvenir Jacket.

Souvenir Jackets or “Sukujan” Jackets were created whilst soldiers were occupying a country that they were most likely fighting against, far from a peaceful journey into another country’s world and culture.

The collection highlights countries involved via fabrics and silhouettes. These include German Herringbone cotton camo, preppy American silhouettes (that the Japanese adopted with a real passion post 1950s), Brushed Italian Jersey, and British Mallard Duck embroidery (the duck being a symbol of freedom, intuition and exploration, creating a sense of knowing). Also part of the “Peaceful Exploration” are the Military Multi Utility pocket bomber jackets, as well as reconstructed denim pants to signify the mass damage done by War, but with a hope to a beautiful reconstruction. Rav Matharu, the creative mind behind the Clothsurgeon label, chose his fabrics carefully, with high quality Liberty Cotton, English Wool suitings, and Luxury Leathers and Calf Suedes, to help capture and merge Ivy League with contemporary Streetwear. All products are made in the heart of London and are now available at


Art Direction: Felipe Guimaraes (@mr_filly)

Styling: Rav Matharu (@clothsurgeon)

Photography: Ollie Adegboye (@misterollie)

Model: Montell, Select Model Management (@montellmartin_ @selectmodelmgmt)