Posted on 8 Mar By Visionarism

Futura x Uniqlo UT Collection.

The American graffiti artist Futura is next in line for a collaboration with the Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo. Previously know as “Futura 2000”, Futura started to paint illegally on NYC’s subway back in the early seventies, working with numerous other artists. The rest is now history, and part of the graffiti movement legacy.

Using world known signature prints from the New York artist such as the Point Man, Point Man’s Henchmen and Atoms, the capsule collection is formed of a range of UTs, available for both adults and kids. UTs (UNIQLO T-shirts) have become central to UNIQLO’s LifeWear approach by emotionally engaging with people. Their internationally beloved content simply and directly conveys the individuality and moods of wearers. Nigo, the UT Creative Director, leverages his passion and expertise to make UT the standard for T-shirts featuring select pop culture icons from around the globe.

The Futura x Uniqlo collection has already released in Japan, and will see a Europe release in March. Stay tuned for more information.