Posted on 13 Dec By Visionarism

Clothsurgeon “Every Man Dies” Collection.

Clothsurgeon releases an AW16 Collection that continues the brands conscious effort of merging two worlds.

Using tailoring sensibilities with contemporary streetwear silhouettes, it creates a collection made from upper class fabrics to more working class shapes and styling, telling us that every man is equal, and “EVERY MAN DIES”, eventually.

It is a collision of societies, blurring the boundaries. Harmonised into an eclectic use of patchwork tartan and repurposed denim, along with a nylon tracksuit inspired by the classic MA-1 bomber.

Beautiful embroidery and print details on wools, nylons and calf hide upgrading the perception of the wearer.

Utilitarian vests creating perfect layering pieces.

All garments are attentively, crafted and constructed in London, England.

Head over now to the Clothsurgeon’s website to shop the collection.


Photography: Ollie Adegboye

Styling: Rav Matharu

Art Direction: Felipe Guimaraes